San Francisco’s Most Expensive Pizza Debuts at Tony’s Pizza Napoletana

Local pizza maestro Tony Gemignani is getting into the spirit of Super Bowl 50 (which will be the most charitable on record) with a very unique pie valued at $100!

How can a pizza be worth $100? Well, the “Super Gold Pizza” is a wood-fired pie topped with gold flakes(!), white truffles(!!), and 24-month San Daniele Prosciutto(!!!), in addition to a sprinkling of mâche, Far West Fungi’s Clamshell, Lion’s Mane, and Yellow Oyster mushrooms, Fromage Blanc and Carmody cheese from Bellwether Farms, and Grande Whole Milk mozzarella, finished with Maldon salt, on multi-grain dough. Sounds decadent.

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