Hometown Hungers: Best Square Pizza Outside of Detroit

No need to motor over to Motor City for a slice of the famous square pizza. These spots across the country
(and Canada) are serving their own versions of the cheesy, caramelized specialty.


Detroit-style pizza proves that it’s hip to be square. Thick and chewy, this Motor City staple is known for its crisp, caramelized crust and distinctive shape. It may be reminiscent of Sicilian pizza, but this dish is all Detroit. Any authentic version will come slathered with deep red sauce atop a layer of melted mozzarella and brick cheeses. And the pepperoni is always tucked underneath the cheese, never on top. As for the dish’s special square shape? The pizzas are typically made in steel pans — the originals used to hold auto parts. A Motor City mainstay for at least 70 years, this Detroit-style pizza can now be found in other cities across the country — and beyond. Read on to find out where you can sink your teeth into a saucy, cheesy piece of square pie.

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