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8 Best Restaurants in San Francisco’s North Beach

North Beach draws people from near and afar and its dining scene can dazzle if you know the right places to go.

Pizza pro Tony Gemignani slings excellent pies here. Given the name, it would be understandable to assume Tony’s mainly does the Neapolitan-style pizza here (he does and they are incredible) but there’s a much bigger variety on
offer, such as Roman, Sicilian, New York, Californian, Detroit, St. Louis, and others. It’s a serious study in regional
pizza varieties…..

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10 surprising reasons it’s time
to revisit San Francisco

There is so much more to see than the bridge.

You’ve driven over the Golden Gate Bridge, eaten at Fog Harbor Fish House on Pier 39, taken the boat
over to Alcatraz. You probably even rode a cable car, walked around Fisherman’s Wharf and had lunch in Chinatown.

But, oh, there is so much more to see and do in San Francisco.

These may not be the first things that come to mind when you think about the city, but they just may turn out to be your favorites.

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Hometown Hungers: Best Square Pizza Outside of Detroit

No need to motor over to Motor City for a slice of the famous square pizza. These spots across the country
(and Canada) are serving their own versions of the cheesy, caramelized specialty.


Detroit-style pizza proves that it’s hip to be square. Thick and chewy, this Motor City staple is known for its crisp, caramelized crust and distinctive shape. It may be reminiscent of Sicilian pizza, but this dish is all Detroit. Any authentic version will come slathered with deep red sauce atop a layer of melted mozzarella and brick cheeses. And the pepperoni is always tucked underneath the cheese, never on top. As for the dish’s special square shape? The pizzas are typically made in steel pans — the originals used to hold auto parts. A Motor City mainstay for at least 70 years, this Detroit-style pizza can now be found in other cities across the country — and beyond. Read on to find out where you can sink your teeth into a saucy, cheesy piece of square pie.

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San Francisco’s Most Expensive Pizza Debuts at Tony’s Pizza Napoletana

Local pizza maestro Tony Gemignani is getting into the spirit of Super Bowl 50 (which will be the most charitable on record) with a very unique pie valued at $100!

How can a pizza be worth $100? Well, the “Super Gold Pizza” is a wood-fired pie topped with gold flakes(!), white truffles(!!), and 24-month San Daniele Prosciutto(!!!), in addition to a sprinkling of mâche, Far West Fungi’s Clamshell, Lion’s Mane, and Yellow Oyster mushrooms, Fromage Blanc and Carmody cheese from Bellwether Farms, and Grande Whole Milk mozzarella, finished with Maldon salt, on multi-grain dough. Sounds decadent.

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America’s 10 Best Cities For Pizza

Grab your keys and hit the road — there’s a trip devoted to America’s best pizza in your future. TripAdvisor named the Top 10 U.S. Pizza Cities for 2015, giving dough-loving travelers a delicious roadmap to America.

The site analyzed millions of traveler reviews — taking into account their quantity, their quality and the ratio of pizza reviews to other restaurant reviews — to determine which cities do pizza best. So grab a suitcase… and a slice. America’s best pizza cities are…

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San Francisco stuff people will line up for, and where to go instead

The ever-popular Pliny the Younger beer is being released Friday, with fans lining up for hours to get it, so we’re reminded that San Francisco has many Great Tradeoffs. The beautiful city comes with astronomical rents, and trendy hotspots come with expensive prices and often-ridiculous lines. Luckily, the latter can be avoided. Here are some of our picks for the places with the biggest lines, and where to go if you don’t feel like standing around.

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23 of the Best Pizza Restaurants in America

Tony’s Pizza Napoletana: “Dubbed the ‘best pizzeria in America’ by Forbes magazine, this restaurant in North Beach (San Francisco’s Little Italy) regularly sells out of its award-winning Margherita pies. Tony Gemignani, an 11-time World Pizza Champion, imports his ingredients from the pizza capital of the world, Naples.” —Rachel Ward

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Tony Gemignani’s Book Signing Party



TIME: 5:30PM – 9:30PM

Purchase at least one copy of the Pizza Bible at the party to get you access.

Guests eat and drink FREE all night.

Italian Photo Booth & Accordionist.

Award winning pizzas & cocktails featured in the Pizza Bible will be made by Elmer Mijicanos, Laura Meyer, Thiago Vasconcelos & Matt Molina.

You must purchase a book at the party to recieve one access. Each book purchase entitles one entry.

The Pizza Bible Demonstration/ Tasting/Signing

Tony Gemignani flyer-_B+N event 10.24 Friday, October 24

Sonoma State University Bookstore

W and B (Weyden and Brewster)

1st Floor of the Student Center
1801 E. Cotali Avenue
(707) 664-3059

Seating is limited and free tickets can be picked up at Residential Life, Associated Students, University Store, and the Student Center Info Desk

The 16 Cookbooks You Need This Fall


Tony Gemignani has dedicated his life to pizza, with eight restaurants, a pizza cooking school in San Francisco and a 20-year award-winning career. So, understandably, his book is the definitive guide to making pizza, and it includes favorite pies from around the world – Neapolitan, deep-dish, Sicilian, wood-fired and more. Available Oct. 21

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The Best Pizzeria In America

Nothing inspires foodie passion quite like pizza, one of the world’s most popular yet varied dishes. But because different people have different tastes and emphatic preferences in crusts, cheeses, toppings, shapes and even cooking fuel sources, there can be no such thing as the “best pizza.” But pizzerias are another story altogether, and America does have a best pizzeria, Tony’s in San Francisco, and it is so good I can’t think of a close second – except maybe Tony’s satellite locations.

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